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In first re-elect missive, schools are no. 2 reason to vote for Mike

Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign manager, Bradley Tusk, sent out a letter to likely supporters today listing the reasons they’ll probably want to vote Bloomberg into a third term. Number two on the list was education.

The key excerpt, bolded by me, not Tusk:

Mike Bloomberg’s record speaks for itself. New York City has never been safer – crime is down nearly 30% since he took office. Mike took control of the public school system and now test scores and graduation rates are on the rise, while the achievement gap is shrinking. Quality of life has improved across the five boroughs, our streets are cleaner than ever, and new parks are being created all across the city. And Mike has a nine-point economic plan that will create and retain 400,000 jobs in New York.

One other thing of note: As he shifts into campaign mode, the mayor is signaling a new preference for how to be addressed. It’s not Mr. Bloomberg or Hizzoner. It’s Mike, just Mike, please. I guess that’s one way to make a multi-billionaire feel a little more accessible (though not technologically accessible, says Sewell Chan).

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