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Looking at SCI's education investigations czar, Richard Condon

We’ve been getting a lot of tips and comments about Special Commissioner of Investigations Richard Condon, the man charged with investigating the Department of Education for corruption and misconduct, but whose office often fails to publicize its findings.

We definitely want to look deeper into Condon, and, while our FOIL requests churn through the slow grind, we could use your help. Do you know of a case that Condon investigated that wasn’t publicized, but should have been? What about a case recommended to Condon that never got investigated? Or a case that you think led to an unfair verdict?

We are also interested in cases where Condon investigated allegations of cheating on tests and fudging of graduation rate figures — behaviors that critics say the new accountability system encourages.

As always, find our e-mails here or leave a comment.

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