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Rise & Shine: Obstacles abound in converting Catholic schools


  • There are problems with Mayor Bloomberg’s parochial-to-charter conversion plan. (Times)
  • A Brooklyn bishop donated to a relative of someone who will decide about the conversions. (Daily News)
  • The stimulus money should prevent teacher layoffs in NYC, but what else will it do? (WNYC)
  • One advantage of later state tests could be using the results to evaluate teachers. (Post)
  • In some schools, the NYPD will replace safety agents’ metal handcuffs with Velcro ones. (Daily News)
  • Parents say a Staten Island principal is out of control. (Staten Island Advance)
  • A Queens teacher says she was excessed after announcing her pregnancy. (Post)
  • Kids in Queens take Korean classes. (Daily News)
  • Upstate, some people think New York City schools underreport violence. (Daily Gazette)
  • Chancellor Joel Klein was the keynote speaker at a conference at Yale. (New Haven Register)


  • The Harvard Crimson takes a look at Ed Sec Arne Duncan, Class of 1987.
  • Duncan’s newly enormous discretionary budget introduces opportunities and risks. (Times)
  • The cellphone industry says phones make good learning tools. (Times)
  • The contemporary school librarian has a difficult and tenuous job. (Times)
  • In Paris, preschoolers learn to eat well. (NPR)
  • Nicholas Kristof: Education, not health care, is actually “our greatest national shame.” (Times)
  • Randi Weingarten makes the case for national standards. (Washington Post)
  • Teachers tell Jay Mathews how to make schools better without spending money. (Washington Post)

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