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Visiting Every Charter School

As we debate the merits of charter schools, many of us have not had the time to visit one. Many others have visited exactly one. Although I have visited several charter schools in recent years, I decided that it would be worthwhile to visit every charter school in Manhattan. To be more precise, I hope to visit every charter school in Manhattan that took the New York State exams last year.

Eighteen schools are on my list.

I hope to learn things that you can’t learn by reading their websites or reviewing their test scores. So far I have visited five schools. I have written about two schools (here and here) that really impressed me.

I also hope to visit many traditional public schools as well as some magnet schools, special education schools, and private schools. Of course, in all cases, the school has to let me visit. In my experience, charter schools are generally happy to have visitors.

All suggestions for what I should be looking for on my visits are encouraged!

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