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Tonight, D.C.'s Rhee is in town, and Harries meets the advocates

A reader informed me this week that Michelle Rhee, the indomitable D.C. schools chancellor, is speaking at Pace University tonight. “What a hot tip!” I replied. “How did you find out?” “I think I found this on GothamSchools…” my Deep Throat said.

Moral: Do not forget about our excellent calendar, which updates itself based on your event tips! Tonight not only is Rhee speaking at Pace, but the Citywide Council on Special Education is having an open meeting about the coming special ed overhaul — featuring Garth Harries, the school official who will lead the changes, and Marcia Lyles, the deputy chancellor for teaching and learning.

Just days into Harries’ assignment on the special education beat, advocates have already criticized Chancellor Joel Klein for choosing him, complaining that Harries lacks any experience with special education. Tonight, Harries will have a chance to explain his plans.

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