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Rise & Shine: Paterson says he'll fund Metrocards if he can

  • Gov. Paterson said student Metrocards are his top funding priority, if he gets more money. (Daily News)
  • Some see the MTA’s student Metrocard cut as a tactic to get the city and state to pay their share. (Times)
  • Parents say they’ll have to choose between food and school bus fare if the MTA’s cuts go through. (AP)
  • Paterson pooh-poohed potential lawsuits from teachers and advocates over school aid delays. (Post)
  • A Francis Lewis HS student is suing after breaking her ankle in a school softball game. (Daily News)
  • Students at Alfred E. Smith HS in the Bronx protested against the school’s planned closure. (NY1)
  • One LES school is relieved it’s off the hook for having to share space. (GothamSchools, Post)
  • Gov. Paterson’s support for raising the charter school cap came after months of equivocation. (Post)
  • Parents and advocates rallied outside Tweed for an extended school day. (GothamSchools, NY1)
  • Some say Massachusetts’ school reform bill was gutted before it passed last month. (Boston Globe)
  • Concerns about transparency surround the private funding of top positions in L.A.’s schools. (L.A. Times)

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