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Rise & Shine: Board of Regents weighing RttT changes today

  • On the Race to the Top-driven agenda for the Board of Regents today: Raising the charter cap. (Post)
  • The state teachers union is letting teachers know they can get around a new pension-limiting law. (Post)
  • The budget-crunched MTA is considering eliminating free student Metrocards. (Daily News)
  • Gov. Paterson says he can’t do anything about the MTA’s plans. (Daily News)
  • A new law give more oversight to public authorities, such as the School Construction Authority. (Times)
  • A sports columnist who went to Jamaica HS worries about what the city is giving up by closing it. (Times)
  • Gov. Paterson is withholding 10 percent of school funding set to go out tomorrow. (Times, Daily News)
  • A bus company that admitted to using bribery is set to get a new $200m DOE contract. (Daily News)
  • The Wall Street Journal thinks Michelle Rhee should be getting more love from Arne Duncan.
  • D.C.’s NAEP scores are up, and so is its black-white achievement gap. (Washington Post)
  • Detroit’s nearly bankrupt schools are seeking volunteer reading teachers. (AP)
  • Jay Mathews identifies a low-performing charter school and asks why it’s still open. (Washington Post)
  • A bill pending in Congress would quadruple federal funding for performance pay. (Washington Post)
  • An arbitrator ruled that Boston’s experiment in performance pay isn’t allowed. (Boston Globe)
  • A proposed admissions policy in Chicago would seriously limit geographic choice. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Politics, not pedagogy, has driven California’s recent education reforms. (AP)
  • The L.A. Times questions California’s “directionless, even reckless” pursuit of Race to the Top funds.

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