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Rise & Shine: Tutoring, teacher training top one principal’s cut list

  • Current and former teachers have filed a lawsuit to close the DOE’s “rubber rooms.” (Daily News)
  • Anticipating budget cuts, a Bronx principal outlines what he could cut from his school. (Times)
  • Brooklyn Generation School has a longer school year thanks to a special UFT contract. (NY1)
  • A man who punched a woman on MTV’s “Jersey Shore” is a Queens public school teacher. (Metro)
  • The head of the Council of the Great City Schools says the NAEP scores are good for NYC. (Daily News)
  • Far Rockaway teachers worry that local students won’t find a nearby high school home. (Daily News)
  • Parents at the new Spruce School have proposed alternate zone lines for District 2. (Downtown Express)
  • A Bay Area school district is canceling a program adopted in May to curb bullying against gays. (AP)
  • Kirkus Reviews, a publication founded by a children’s book reviewer, will close in weeks. (Times)