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Joel Klein touts education journalism at GothamSchools event

As Schools Chancellor Joel Klein himself admitted, he’s provided a lot of grist for our site in its first year. His name has appeared more than 5,000 times on GothamSchools, far more than anyone else.
So we were excited when Klein agreed to speak at our party earlier this week. Love him or hate him, Klein is a great party guest. The chancellor offered some kind words for the GothamSchools community and the role of education journalism.

“I think the work you’re doing —the ability to give people voice, and the ability for people to disagree, to argue, to learn from each other — is enormously powerful, in many ways much more powerful than the daily fare in the daily newspaper,” he said. “And in that respect, what you’ve done has made the process better, richer. I’ve learned from it.”

(Agree with Klein? Here’s how to help.)

For those of you who missed it (or for those who want to relive the magic), here’s a video of the chancellor’s remarks. Take a look:

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