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Rise & Shine: To save $13m, city to ax 530 school aides

  • More than 500 school aides are being laid off next week, for savings of about $13 million. (Daily News)
  • High school dropouts are found to have a high rate of incarceration. (Times)
  • The AFT is helping school districts build teacher evaluation systems that use test scores. (Newsweek)
  • Why do teachers unions not fight charter schools like they used to? Thomas Carroll explains. (Post)
  • The city’s transfer schools pair academic instruction and social services to at-risk teens. (NY1)
  • The low-calorie school vending machines have officially been approved. (GothamSchools, NY1)
  • Ten Long Island school administrators make more money than Joel Klein. (Newsday)
  • Post readers weigh in on how the city’s negotiations with the teachers union should proceed.
  • School districts nationwide are struggling to pay for their students’ lunches. (USA Today)
  • Daily News readers stepped up to help the homeless family who travels hours to their schools.
  • Places where H1N1 was common last year, including the city schools, aren’t seeing much now. (Times)
  • Harvard is cutting back, closing a library and eliminating cookies at faculty meetings. (Times)
  • Massachusetts’ legislature has 40 days to lift the charter school cap to get RttT funds. (Boston Globe)
  • Paul Krugman says education budget cuts threaten America’s claim to being a great nation. (Times)
  • The proposed academic standards intentionally do not suggest particular books. (Washington Post)