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Remainders: AFT gets into the teacher evaluation game

  • NYSUT won an AFT grant to build a “meaningful” teacher evaluation system.
  • Weingarten tells Newsweek that using student data in NY is ok, just not under Klein.
  • Got any questions for UFT president Michael Mulgrew? Get them asked here.
  • Ed in the Apple: there’s an easy way and a hard way to get the UFT and DOE to collaborate.
  • Bronx Science teachers who signed a complaint letter say they’re being retaliated against.
  • Thompson’s 15-second ads don’t allow him enough time to explain his Board of Ed days.
  • Peter Murphy says NYSUT is offering charter school teachers more than it can deliver.
  • Jeb Bush: If Walmart can track a box of cereal, we can track student achievement.
  • Slowly winning over a difficult student may not show up in test scores.
  • The solution to charter turnover: train kids to become charter school teachers.
  • A Center on Education Policy study shows the achievement gap narrowing.
  • And Politics K-12 decides to take a vote on naming RttT. Or is it RTT?

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