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Remainders: Duncan rolls out details of i3 money

  • Applications for Duncan’s i3 money must come with private matching funds.
  • In an interview on Road to City Hall, Mulgrew calls for changing the way the capital plan is voted on.
  • Ravitch: “Some of our schools are like archeological sites, with layer after layer of reform.”
  • The DOE’s “wellness” argument for banning bake sales during lunch is phony, Steve Koss writes.
  • Richard Kessler writes that arts education advocacy is most often random acts of advocacy.
  • CA’s superintendent says curriculum cuts will have severe consequences.
  • Dear God, it’s me, an NYC teacher. What is happening to my pencils?
  • CRPE’s report knocks Chicago for not making per-pupil funding system-wide.
  • Some states are not using the stimulus funds the way they were supposed to, Edu Dpt. says.
  • Corey Bowers wonders how Duncan plans to make charter schools into community centers.
  • Chaz says IS 59’s turn-around principal is great, but he wasn’t always that way.
  • And, no joke, a Tennessee teacher stole her students’ lunch money.