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Rise & Shine: On charter cap, criticism already for David Steiner

  • A new policy pretty much bans bake sales in the city schools. (Times)
  • Six city schools have been selected as H1N1 flu vaccine trial sites. (NY1)
  • The city approved 10 new charter schools yesterday, leaving only 27 charters available statewide. (Post)
  • The truth on education lies in between Mayor Bloomberg’s and William Thompson’s claims. (Daily News)
  • A 13-year-old was killed during an after-school fight in Queens on Friday. (Times)
  • The Daily News decries new state ed chief David Steiner’s restrained position on the state’s charter cap.
  • Thousands of students attended the citywide high school fair this weekend. (NY1)
  • The Manhattan Institute’s Marcus Winters says the new UFT contract should allow ATRs to be fired. (Post)
  • Teachers, graduates, and former staff members describe crowding at Francis Lewis High School. (Times)
  • The Daily News says the city schools should adopt D.C.’s new teacher evaluation program.
  • The Washington Post praises Michelle Rhee’s teacher dismissals, which were not based on seniority.
  • California is pondering the effects of losing out on lots of young teachers this year. (L.A. Times)
  • Letters to the editor defend test grading procedures but still say tests are given too much weight. (Times)
  • Jay Mathews profiles a top student whose Maryland school won’t let him accelerate. (Washington Post)
  • A Campaign for Fiscal Equity-type lawsuit could be coming to California. (San Jose Mercury News)