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Rise & Shine: What's up with UFT contract talks? Not much

  • A DOE report shows that city charter schools overall are doing worse than district schools. (Daily News)
  • A report suggests that many states, including NY, set standards lower than national test. (Times, Post, WSJ)
  • Because it’s an election year, UFT contract talks are staying quiet and big changes aren’t likely. (Times)
  • Today is the deadline for principals to hire teachers or have their budgets cut. (Daily News)
  • Today is also the last day for schools to fill their pre-K classes or send money back to the state. (NY1)
  • CBS-TV finds a Lehman High School student whose math grade mysteriously jumped from 55 to 75.
  • Two schools gave students H1N1 vaccines without their parents’ permission. (Times, Daily News)
  • New state education chief David Steiner says too much testing is bad for students. (Buffalo News)
  • Downtown Express visits the two new elementary schools inside Tweed and interviews their principals.
  • The DOE might fill the schools with temporary zoning instead of a lottery next year. (Downtown Express)
  • District 3’s overcrowding battle continued during a contentious meeting last week. (West Side Spirit)
  • The Community Education Council for District 8 is still short four members. (Bronx Times Reporter)
  • College enrollment is higher than ever. (Times)
  • The D.C. Council says Michelle Rhee hired new teachers despite looming cuts. (Washington Post)
  • In a letter, Randi Weingarten responds to criticism about the New Haven teachers contract. (Post)
  • A Baltimore Sun reader says Baltimore principals need more support, like what NYC principals get.

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