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Rise & Shine: A visit to the state’s oldest charter school, age 10

  • Celebrity chef Rachel Ray has created lunch recipes for the city schools. (Post, Daily News)
  • Joel Klein recently participated in a Wall Street Journal discussion about how to improve schools. 
  • Klein celebrated his 63rd birthday yesterday by attending the Kushner-Trump nuptials. (CityfilePost)
  • Tom Carroll lists his priorities for the new UFT contract, and they aren’t straight from New Haven. (Post)
  • The state’s first charter school, 10-year-old Sisulu-Walker, had to figure things out on its own. (Post)
  • One of Sisulu-Walker’s students appeared for 14 months in “The Lion King” on Broadway. (Post)
  • School nurses say overcrowding could make it hard to isolate students with H1N1 flu. (Daily News)
  • The Gates Foundation spent about $200 million last year driving its education policies to the top. (AP)
  • Scott Stringer is trying to bring healthy eating and green living to East Harlem schools. (NY1)
  • In a letter, a city high school teacher says schools are the best place to start teaching creativity. (Times)
  • Jay Mathews visits two D.C. schools that are now run by New York City educators. (Washington Post)
  • Arne Duncan isn’t happy about Hawaii saving money by reducing school time. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Denver is pushing its charter schools to enroll more students with disabilities. (Denver Post)