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Rise & Shine: An urban strategy for handling rural test questions

  • The Board of Regents approved a “credit recovery” policy that allows online makeup work. (Post)
  • Harlem Success students visit farms to prepare them for farm-themed state test questions. (Times)
  • Opportunity Charter School has one year to prove it can do the (almost) impossible. (GothamSchools)
  • Hoyt’s bid to lift the state’s charter school cap wins praise, but legislators say it’s not needed yet. (Post)
  • Nationally, the stimulus saved a quarter of a million education jobs, a report says. (Washington Post)
  • The city says 14,000 education jobs were saved here, 10,000 more than the report claims. (Post)
  • Forms for parents to consent to their child receiving the H1N1 vaccine went home yesterday. (NY1)
  • Schools nurses say the vaccination campaign will take them away from other duties. (Daily News)
  • In Los Angeles, school officials went door to door to get truant teens back in school. (L.A. Times)
  • College counselors are taking on larger caseloads as schools cut budgets. (Times)
  • Hawaii is responding to its budget woes by making its school year the shortest in the country. (AP)