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Bidding farewell to Melody Meyer, one of our favorite flaks

Here on the education beat, it’s impossible to avoid getting to know the folks in the Department of Education’s press office. And even though we’d rather skip the press office when we’re seeking information, we have to admit that the truth squad includes some pretty cool people. 

One of them is Melody Meyer, who is leaving the DOE today after two three! years as a deputy communications officer. Starting next week she’ll be heading communications for the Global Impact Investing Network, a socially responsible investment project that launched at last week’s Clinton Global Initiative meeting. Department officials say they’re looking to replace Meyer, but no one’s been lined up yet.

A few things you wouldn’t know about Meyer from her quotes about charter schools, new schools, and other topics: She was the longest holdout among press officers to join Facebook, but you can find her there now. She’ll be taking home a large box of dress shoes from underneath her desk at Tweed at the end of the day today. And she’s the person (she says) who introduced Chancellor Joel Klein to Lucali, the Carroll Gardens pizzeria he now cites as his favorite in the city.

Surveying the crowd of press officers, DOE officials, and reporters who gathered to send her off last night at Mudville, a restaurant near Tweed, Meyer declared, “You don’t even know — there are so many good people at the DOE.”

No doubt. But here’s a humble suggestion to the DOE: Don’t replace Meyer. Just turn her files (and passwords) over to us.