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Rise & Shine: Charter school backers say growth will be costly

  • Some schools with interesting art and architecture use them as teaching tools. (Times)
  • Charter school backers say Mayor Bloomberg will have to put money where his plans are. (Daily News)
  • In an interview, Joel Klein proposes a song to describe his relationship with the teachers union. (Fortune)
  • Middle schools help students handle the high school application process. (NY1)
  • The Post says Bloomberg’s charter school expansion plan is “not only wise policy but wise politics.”
  • A new study has found a post-NCLB narrowing of the achievement gap. (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Greenwich Village activists have renewed their call for a new school at 75 Morton Street. (The Villager)
  • Some downtown parents say location should determine middle school admission. (Downtown Express)
  • Despite stimulus money to states, school aid has not increased in most places. (AP)
  • The nation’s largest teachers union, the NEA, wants good teachers to go to needy schools. (USA Today)
  • Mayor Bloomberg continued his attacks against opponent William Thompson’s education record. (NY1)
  • Chicago’s teachers union is seeking a separate school just for disruptive students. (Chicago Sun-Times)

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