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Remainders: Where is Paterson on education reform?

  • Other than cutting funds, where has Paterson been on education issues? Carroll asks.
  • Merryl Tisch said she’s concerned that charter operators often don’t want to do turnarounds.
  • The White House says the stimulus has saved 250,000 education jobs, a quarter of them in Cali.
  • Emily Glickman says the Times’ Speyer piece forgot the other side of the G&T debate.
  • A critique of the Kristof piece says he’s blaming parents while ignoring poverty.
  • NYC Educator thinks the school aides should stay on so they can lock and unlock schoolyard gates.
  • Small class size is key to the Icahn charter schools’ success, writes Leonie Haimson.
  • A teacher emails the mayor to ask: if social promotion is over, why can’t her students add?
  • In New Jersey, Christie vouchers, Corzine calls for pre-k, they agree on more charters.
  • And SpecEd students may sue Hawaii if it goes through with “furlough Fridays.”