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Rise & Shine: A plea for Fair Student Funding even in hard times

  • The city continues to be months or even years late in getting special ed payments to parents. (Post)
  • Chancellor Klein told business leaders the city schools are doing well. (GothamSchoolsTimesNY1)
  • Klein emphasized that schools in Queens and Staten Island are on par with the state. (PostDaily News)
  • The head of Opportunity Charter says there should be more special ed charter schools. (Daily News)
  • The city should not give up on Fair Student Funding, an education expert argues. (Daily News)
  • Protesters targeted a New Jersey school where students praised President Obama. (AP)
  • Two Virginia politicians say private industry could save the nation’s aging schoolhouse stock. (Times)
  • The Times editorializes in favor of “common-sense” discipline policies, not zero-tolerance ones.
  • GED classes are hard to find in NYC, which has a GED pass rate lower than D.C.’s, the Times laments.