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Rise & Shine: It's Columbus Day. What are your kids learning?

  • Ten city charter schools piloting a merit-pay program handed out $1.5 million in bonuses. (Post)
  • Some teachers use their classrooms to complicate the story of Christopher Columbus as hero. (AP)
  • One-sixth of all students at a new Bed-Stuy elementary school are homeless. (Daily News)
  • Fewer students were held back last year in the high-stakes grades of 3, 5, and 7. (Daily News)
  • More eighth-graders were retained in the first year of a new promotion policy. (Post, GothamSchools)
  • Staten Island elected officials want a new high school on the island’s crowded North Shore. (NY1)
  • A former public school in Harlem is being turned into condos. (Times)
  • Ed Sec Arne Duncan has launched a persuasion campaign to get more people to become teachers. (AP)
  • Only about 2 percent of the country’s teachers are black men. (AP)
  • Some are wondering whether schools are going too far with their zero tolerance policies. (Times)
  • Readers weigh in on the city’s crackdown on school bake sales. (Times)
  • The Theodore Roosevelt High School building was evacuated Friday after a pepper spray fight. (NY1)
  • Mayor Bloomberg aims to place new charter schools in public housing buildings. (NY1)
  • Jay Mathews: Local authorities, not state electeds, make the difference in schools. (Washington Post)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill permitting test scores to factor into teacher evaluations. (AP)
  • Liberal Democrats don’t know who’s on their side in national education policy debates. (NY Mag)
  • The city denied a Queens family’s request for home instruction for a well sibling of a sick child. (Post)
  • A Japanese style of professional development without experts is gaining ground. (Washington Post)

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