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After looking up salaries, a teacher ponders the implications

Second-grade reading teacher Miss Brave has been looking up her colleagues’ salaries on SeeThroughNY, but she isn’t happy about it. She writes:

On the one hand, this makes me deeply uncomfortable. I do not want anyone visiting it, putting in my name, and finding out how much I earn. (In fact, if you read this blog and you happen to know me personally: please don’t!) But on the other hand…I totally spent the evening finding out that my principal earns a substantial 6-figure salary that is more than twice what I earn.

Of course, the Department of Education salary schedule is already public knowledge, so if you know how many years someone’s been in the system, you can take a reasonable ballpark guess as to what they earn. But to have it all warehoused in a database? Dangerous, very dangerous!

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