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From a GothamSchools original, goodbye and thanks for reading

While you’re reading this post, I’m standing in front of a classroom full of eighth-graders.

That’s right: After six fun and interesting months helping to launch GothamSchools, I have decided to return to teaching.

I have learned so much from seeing the city’s schools from a new perspective. But whenever I visited a school as a reporter, I felt, deep down, that I really wanted to be teaching there. So I’ve very much looked forward to being back in the classroom, and my post yesterday about Citizen Schools will be my last here on GothamSchools.

I want to thank the team here who have made the site possible. I feel very comfortable leaving, knowing the blog is in the hands of top-notch reporters Elizabeth and Philissa. The biggest thank you, of course, goes to readers, for turning to the site for school news, for sending in tips, and for sparking conversation in the comments. Keep it up!

In anticipation of your questions, I’m taking over eighth-grade earth science at a charter school in Harlem, and no, I won’t be blogging about it. I suspect I won’t have a free moment not devoted to plate tectonics and topographic maps.

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