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What it feels like to have your high school collapse around you

Remember that Red Hook high school that is not only getting shut down this year, but is closing immediately, without a phaseout — making it the first school in the city (at least that I know of) never to graduate a single student?

An Agnes Humphrey junior just wrote in with a description of what it feels like to have your school close around you:

Im a junior at this high school and i was P.O when i found out. we (the students) was notified about this about 2 or 3 weeks before high school applications where supposed to be sent in, that was back in december. a week before the deadlines, they told us that we had to pick schools to transfer to. most of the students here including myself have been here since pre-k even middle school we are not ready to transfer into a new big high school when we were so used to attending a small school setting. also since ive been here i have seen a GREAT turn around in students behaviors. its not that bad as it used to be. Its january now and were not hearing much word of what to do next…

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

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