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Anonymous, scathing NYC teacher-blogger outs his school

The rising tide of transparency seems to have infected a South Bronx schoolteacher. Since last August, the teacher has been skewering Department of Education policies on his blog, South Bronx School. He reserves the harshest words for his school administrators, whom he nicknamed “Numb Nuts” and “John Deacon,” and whom he recently accused of committing corporal punishment, in a complaint he says he sent to the Special Commissioner of Investigations.

Yesterday, for reasons that aren’t explained on his blog, the teacher revealed the name of his school, PS 154 in the Bronx, and his administrators’ real names. He did not disclose his own name. Many teachers have damning things to say about their schools, and while some criticisms are justified, others are not. We called 154’s principal today for comment and are waiting to hear back.

Not everyone has embraced the spirit of openness yet. The first comment, left just minutes after the post went up: “Whoo Hoo!!!!” Its author: Anonymous.

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