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Public Advocate releases school governance report, launches blog

The long-awaited report of Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum’s Commission on School Governance was released this morning, and previews in the Sun and Times reveal that the panel of experts has concluded that mayoral control should survive — but with some improvements. More specifically, the papers report, the commission suggests enhancing parent input in DOE decision-making, giving the city more financial oversight of the DOE, and changing the Panel for Educational Policy so that members serve fixed terms, rather than at the pleasure of the mayor.

We’ll have more on the commission’s report later, but for now, check out Gotbaum’s new blog, Public Advocate’s Corner, which launched earlier this week. Gotbaum’s office promises extensive coverage of education issues, and already, the blog has tackled the effect of overcrowding on one Queens school, laid out questions for the DOE at the start of a new school year, and probed “the problem with District Family Advocates.” Continue to check in at the blog for an informed, critical look at the schools and other city services.