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Rise & Shine: Wednesday, 9/3

  • A day of firsts at schools in the five boroughs. (Times, Post, NY1)
  • Elected officials visited schools across the city yesterday; many praised Bloomberg’s education efforts. (Sun)
  • Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told the Daily News that mayoral control is likely to be tweaked, not scrapped outright. (Daily News)
  • Several elementary schools in Queens turned students away yesterday due to lack of space. (Sun)
  • Several new schools – regular public schools and charters – opened in the Bronx this year. (Daily News)
  • The Khalil Gibran International Academy faces enrollment troubles, due in part to the turbulence surrounding the school. (Post)
  • One teenager was left without a high school placement yesterday despite being accepted to a respected program earlier in the year. (Daily News)
  • More on the city’s 18 new charter schools. (Daily News)
  • Sex education in the city includes both promotion of abstinence and information about contraception and avoiding STDs. (Daily News)
  • In light of Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy, the AP looks at McCain’s and Palin’s views and votes on sex education and related issues.
  • Nearly 1000 Chicago students boycotted school yesterday to highlight disparities in school funding; the boycott is expected to last through Friday. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty spoke about education at a Republican National Convention event yesterday. (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune)

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