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Rise & Shine: Monday, 9/29

  • School Progress Report scores could have been calculated several different ways; using two years of data, for example, would have resulted in more score stability. (Times)
  • This year’s allocation of funding, meant to close budget gaps, left some schools with much of their funding restricted while others received more discretionary funding. (Sun)
  • The Department of Education is seeking a waiver from the state that would allow students to complete credits online. (Post)
  • Recent economic problems could threaten Wall Street’s contributions to the Fund for Public Schools, which supports projects like mentoring and school performance bonuses. (Daily News)
  • A bill before Congress — The No Child Left Inside Act — would expand environmental education. (Post)
  • A new study finds that attending many activities may be more stressful for parents than for their children. (Washington Post)
  • Detroit’s student enrollment is shrinking, leaving the city in difficult financial straits. (Times)
  • Urban districts face high turnover among their superintendents. (AP)
  • Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum proposes changes to school governance. (Daily News)
  • Jay Mathews argues that principals should be able to fire unsuccessful teachers. (Washington Post)

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