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Rise & Shine: Friday, 9/26

  • The budget crunch is bringing the DOE’s policy on excessed teachers to the fore, and the UFT weighs in. (Times, Sun)
  • The City Council today is considering a bill that would close the schools for two Muslim holidays. (Sun)
  • Half of the 7th graders who received payments for their school performance last year will continue in the program this year. (Post)
  • Teachers in Riverdale filed grievances against the DOE because their classes are larger than their contract allows. (Riverdale Press)
  • District 2’s new middle schools will be part of K-8 schools. (Downtown Express)
  • The DOE could reject downtown Manhattan parents’ first choice for a new school site. (Downtown Express)
  • New research suggests that the more students a middle or high school teacher has in total, the worse his or her students do, Jay Mathews writes. (Washington Post)