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Rise & Shine: Thursday, 9/25

  • Harvard prof and NYC Chief Equality Officer Roland Fryer, Jr. is leaving his DOE post to open the Educational Innovation Lab, which will test new ideas in education. (Times)
  • The percentage of New York City’s new teachers who are black has dropped dramatically since 2002. (Sun)
  • Attorney Samantha Biletsky, new chief ethics officer for the DOE, held the same post at the Comptroller’s Office under Alan Hevesi, who left after pleading guilty to fraud. (Post)
  • City Council Speaker Christine Quinn writes in to the Post to clarify her views on school governance. (Post)
  • Edison Schools entrepreneur Chris Whittle has withdrawn plans to build two internationally-oriented private schools, one in the D.C. suburbs and one in New York City. (Washington Post)
  • Education programs in prisons are growing nationwide. (USA Today)

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