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Rise & Shine: Friday, 9/19

  • Almost $20 million in bonus money is going to educators at schools that raised test scores last year; principals whose schools earned the highest raw scores on the school progress reports are also earning thousands of dollars in bonuses. (Daily News, NY1, Post, Sun, Times)
  • A Bronx finance teacher explains how she teaches about recent economic problems. (NPR)
  • A new private high school will open in Greenwich Village next fall. (Times)
  • The District of Columbia youth jobs program, which overspent its budget by $30 million, is called “haphazard” and “chaotic” by the D.C. inspector general. (Washington Post)
  • A study of five KIPP charter schools in the Bay Area found that students out-performed their peers at regular public schools, but student and teacher attrition was high. (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • Two education policy experts are debating Barack Obama’s education proposals at the Campaign Stops blog. (Times)

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