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Rise & Shine: Monday, 9/15

  • A new science test, part of the city’s push to improve science education by providing a curriculum and standardized testing, will be postponed for the second straight year. (Post)
  • Bronx principals reported overcrowding, bus problems, and more on a survey by the borough president’s office. (Daily News)
  • Cuts to buses for special education students have resulted in some students arriving late, others getting lost, and some still waiting for bus service at all. (Daily News)
  • A new admissions process for gifted and talented programs has left empty seats in some schools. (Post)
  • The DOE’s chief accountability officer says that PS 8 got an F on its school progress report because children do not make big gains in test scores at the school compared to similar schools. (Times)
  • Increasingly, high school students who can afford it are paying private consultants to help them through the college admissions process. (Times)
  • A private school in the Financial District accepted 7 classes of kindergarteners this year, reflecting an increase in parents who want to raise children in the city. (Sun)
  • A new school in Yonkers aims to provide a private-school education in a public-school setting. (Times)
  • New study finds one-third of American college students must attend remedial courses. (Boston Globe/AP)
  • Wednesday is Constitution Day, but many educators and scholars want more robust civic education in the schools. (Washington Post)
    A California study shows poor outcomes for high school drop-outs, even those who go back to school. (LA Times)

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