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Rise & Shine: Wednesday, 9/10

  • One in seven elementary school principals expressed interest in piloting the DOE’s K-2 testing program. (Daily News, Post)
  • In a major speech yesterday, Obama promised to double federal spending for charter schools and push a wide-ranging set of other initiatives. (Boston Globe)
  • Obama’s education plan is heavily influenced by his experience watching and participating in school reform in Chicago. (Times)
  • McCain’s short education plan suggests he sees a limited role for the federal government in improving schools. (Times)
  • Suddenly, education is a battleground issue in the presidential election. (Sun, Wall Street Journal)
  • Because of safety concerns, public schools can no longer take field trips to the United Nations. (Post, Daily News)
  • Cutbacks to bus routes have given one child with special needs a two-hour trip to school. (Post)
  • The New York Times editorializes in favor of reforms to mayoral control proposed by the Public Advocate’s Commission on School Governance.
  • In the Village Voice, Nat Hentoff argues against excessive policing in the city’s schools and in favor of the proposed Student Safety Act.
  • Schools’ increasingly early emphasis on academic skills causes boys, who develop later than girls, to struggle, writes Peg Tyre in Newsweek.