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Rise & Shine: Thursday, 8/7

  • West Village parents rallied for a new middle school at 75 Morton St. yesterday. (
  • Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO may get a new middle school that they’ve been asking for, but as part of a development project that some oppose. (Daily News)
  • Principals across the city must ration parking permits among their employees. (Sun)
  • State Island principal Ronald Gorsky takes time to greet each of his students in the morning. (Post)
  • Former President Clinton recognized schools for participation in an anti-obesity program. (AP)
  • The Governor’s Competitiveness Council in Texas called for greater accountability and a focus on preparing students for areas of the workplace where demand for labor will outpace supply in coming years. (Dallas Morning News)
  • Hundreds of Minnesota schools did not make AYP under NCLB and have been added to the list of failing schools. (Star-Tribune) More articles about local NCLB results are listed at Google News.
  • UK test results are out, showing small gains in the number of students scoring at the expected standard, but losses in some areas at the top level. Controversy over scoring problems continues. (BBC)