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Rise & Shine: Friday, 8/29

  • Performance bonuses for schools will go out soon, and schools have to decide how to divide the money among teachers. (Daily News, Post)
  • The DOE is expanding its middle school plan, which helped about two-thirds of targeted schools achieve above-average test score gains last year. (Post)
  • Michael Phelps personally delivered a check to support youth swimming programs to the 14th St. YMCA. (Post)
  • Some teachers in Harrold, TX, will be carrying concealed guns at school this year. (Times)
  • The Clayton County, GA school system has lost its accreditation after ethics violations by four school board members. (Times)
  • An essay in the Wall Street Journal urges parents to take education seriously at home.
  • In editorials, the Post and Sun question NYC’s test score increases in light of declining SAT scores.