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Rise & Shine: Thursday, 8/28

  • Some schools, such as PS 21 in Brooklyn, seem to have received disproportionate numbers of parking permits in the past; they’re now set to lose many of the permits. (Times, Post)
  • More on the DOE’s plan to test the city’s youngest students. (Daily News, Post)
  • Despite rising construction costs, school construction projects are costing less and coming in under budget more, the city says. (Sun)
  • The Riverdale Press takes an in-depth look at the state of physical education in the city’s schools.
  • A possible boycott of the first day of school looms in Chicago. (Time)
  • A large suburban school district in Maryland is launching an ad campaign to combat truancy. (Washington Post)
  • The dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education says education needs a bigger role in the presidential election. (CNN)