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What's the fair way to distribute parking permits?

<em>Image courtesy ## Gazette##.</em>
Image courtesy ## Gazette##.

With the city cutting parking permits for teachers from more than 63,000 to about 11,000 — though not cutting the number of available spaces — I’m curious how readers think this change will affect teachers. Will more take public transit or carpool?

Principals and union reps are supposed to meet to decide a fair system for each school, to take effect in early October. Teachers: what would you like to see? Should permits be distributed according to seniority? Length of commute? Lack of public transit options? Other factors such as family needs? Or should they be given out by lottery, on a rotating basis, or in some kind of shared pool?

Leave your ideas in the comments, and, as the school year gets started, keep us updated on how this plays out.

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