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Rise & Shine: Tuesday, 8/26

  • Ten elementary schools will pilot a three-year, K-2 intensive reading curriculum based on the Core Knowledge program, Chancellor Klein announced yesterday. (Times)
  • Chancellor Klein gave an overview of his opinions and policies in a recent interview with Children’s PressLine. (Daily News)
  • Two teachers who drew fire for organizing illegal trips to Cuba for students at Manhattan’s Beacon High School have resigned. (Post)
  • A former regional superintendent has been fined for violating the city’s rule that city officials may not have business dealings with their former employer for a year after they leave. (Post)
  • A former Bronx principal illegally manipulated the DOE’s bidding process into landing his consulting firm contracts worth nearly $2 million, investigators say. (Post)
  • Some school districts are starting the new school year with new policies limiting or even abolishing homework. (Houston Chronicle)
  • The new head of school food in Baltimore is hoping to bring Berkeley-style fresh and local cuisine to the city’s school cafeterias. (Gourmet Magazine)