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Rise & Shine: Monday, 8/25

  • New York is still far from meeting its goal of universal pre-K. (Times)
  • More states include evolution in their standards, but teachers have to find creative ways to reach students who may be resistant to learning about it. (Times)
  • School lunch prices are increasing, reflecting rising costs of food. (Times)
  • Many NYC students cut school on Fridays — in some schools, Friday attendance is less than 50 percent. (Post)
  • Anonymous NYC education blogger Eduwonkette reveals herself to be grad student Jennifer Jennings. (New York Magazine)
  • A group of elected officials and education advocates — including Joel Klein, Al Sharpton, and Michelle Rhee — spoke in Denver yesterday. (Denver Post, MarketWatch)
  • As children go back to school in Washington, D.C., they will find many changes made by Chancellor Michelle Rhee in her first year. (Washington Post)
  • In addition to his Class Struggle and Extra Credit columns, Jay Mathews will have a new column about education in the Washington Post Metro section. (Washington Post)