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Rise & Shine: Friday, 8/22

  • Students at half of Washington, D.C., middle schools will earn cash for doing their work and behaving well, in a program administered by Roland Fryer. (Washington Post)
  • But nationwide, incentive programs in schools have produced mixed results. (Wall Street Journal)
  • As the Democratic Convention approaches, Obama’s orientation in the Broader, Bolder vs. Education Equality Project showdown remains unclear. (Sun)
  • The last months of George Bush’s presidency are likely to see proposals for changes to No Child Left Behind. (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Education activists say Michelle Rhee’s administration of Washington, D.C., schools lacks transparency. (Washington Post)
  • Philadelphia’s new schools chief, who started her career in New York, plans to tackle inequity first. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • The Economist addresses the question of “whether over-testing in schools is leading to under-education” in Britain’s schools.
  • A former New York City teacher is suing the DOE, saying he was fired because of his epilepsy. (Post)