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Rise & Shine: Wednesday, 8/20

  • Incentive payments for Advanced Placement test results go out today; students eligible for incentives posted mixed results on AP tests this spring. (Times, Sun, Post)
  • A former Kaplan teacher details a year of teaching test prep in New York’s schools. (Harper’s Magazine, via Education Notes Online)
  • Young men have responded positively to the NYPD’s new youth cricket league, which is holding its championship today. (Sun)
  • Corporal punishment in schools, legal in 21 states, is meted out at unequal rates for students of different races, according to a report being released today by human and civil rights groups. (CNN)
  • Nationwide, the number of families seeking free or reduced school lunch costs is at its highest in five years. (USA Today)
  • Denver’s two-year old, teacher-approved performance pay plan is in jeopardy after teachers threaten to strike over proposed changes to the policy. (Time Magazine)
  • New principals hired in an initiative to turn around failing Los Angeles schools will spend at least three hours every day in classrooms. (L.A. Times)
  • While some Chicago activists are urging a boycott of the first day of classes, others are encouraging fathers nationwide, especially black fathers, to take their kids to school. (Chicago Sun-Times)