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Rise & Shine: Tuesday, 8/19

  • Eighteen new charter schools are opening in the city this year, bringing the total to 78. (Post, Times)
  • The chief executive of the NYC Center for Charter School Excellence, James Merriman, will be answering questions about charters at the CityRoom Blog. (Times)
  • Parents are worried about asbestos found in PS 256 in the Rockaways. (Daily News)
  • Those in favor of continuing mayoral control now have to convince the state legislature. (Sun)
  • A University of Cincinnati study shows that nearly a third of US schools are within 400 meters of a major highway, putting students in an “air pollution danger zone.” (UC HealthNews)
  • A lack of safe recreational options and affordable nutritious food contributes to childhood obesity in the Bronx. (Daily News)
  • Columnist Jay Mathews reviews David Whitman’s book, “Sweating the Small Stuff” but is looking for an alternative to “paternalism” to describe the type of “high intensity” school described in the book. (Washington Post)