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Rise & Shine: Monday, 8/18

  • Advocates for students who are learning English are appealing to the state to increase funding for ELL services. (Post)
  • To prove the Regents exams are easy, a reporter took the American history test cold — and scored a 97. (Newsday)
  • A mother is suing her child’s Queens elementary school because she suspects her daughter, who has special needs, was abused there. (Post)
  • Parents in Brooklyn’s District 20 are protesting the placement of a charter school inside a public school building there. (Daily News)
  • The third edition of a popular guide to the city’s middle schools comes out this week. (Daily News)
  • The nonprofit organization Publicolor gives teens a chance to paint their schools and communities. (Sun)
  • Three years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is a laboratory for school reform. (Times)
  • Although many failing schools in Washington, D.C., are required under No Child Left Behind to offer students the opportunity to transfer, in reality there is nowhere else for them to go. (Washington Post)
  • New district-wide grading rules in Dallas make it harder for kids to fail. (Dallas Morning News)
  • To preserve school safety, one Texas school district is arming teachers. (AP)