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Rise & Shine: Wednesday, 8/13

Algebra, <em>by ##</em>
Algebra, by ##

A New York state judge threw out a lawsuit charging that the arbitrators who handle “rubber room” cases are biased. (Sun)

The graduation rate at Jamaica High School improved by 10 percentage points, despite the school’s troubles with safety and falling enrollment in recent years. (Daily News)

Graduation rates in Staten Island held steady at 67 percent in 2007. (Staten Island Advance)

Some of the city’s homeless children attended summer camps run by Homes for the Homeless and Homeward Bound, but funding for such programs is tight. (City Limits)

A Stuyvesant High School student who was paralyzed on her way to a track meet earlier this year is suing the DOE, driver, and auto manufacturer. (Post)

Nat Hentoff links the Schott Foundation study on black male graduation rates with the city’s numbers. (Village Voice)

Give the chancellor and mayor credit for rising graduation rates and higher test scores, says the Post.

CNN talks to former West Virginia governor Bob Wise, now of the Alliance for Excellent Education, about federal solutions to education failings. (CNN)

Michigan’s ACT scores fell this year, the first that every graduating senior took the test. (Detroit Free Press)

California’s new 8th grade Algebra mandate will cost the state $3.1 billion. (San Jose Mercury News)

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

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