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Rise & Shine: Tuesday, 8/12

  • More on the new graduation data. (Times, Sun, Daily News, Post)
  • The Daily News argues that middle schools are the key to continuing the upward trend in graduation rates.
  • Elected officials in the Bronx are turning their attention to school overcrowding there. (Daily News)
  • With help from future lawyers at St. John’s, Queens middle school students are researching a little-known state school desegregation case. (Gotham Gazette)
  • Activists are hopeful that the DOE’s new chief financial officer, George Raab, will bring the DOE’s financial practices into line with those of other city agencies. (Post)
  • Rev. Al Sharpton has joined the call for a boycott of the first day of school in Chicago. (Sun-Times)
  • Australia’s education minister says she wants to adopt New York City’s accountability measures for her country’s schools. (The Australian)