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Rise & Shine: Monday, 8/11

  • The DOE has signed hundreds of no-bid contracts totaling $342 million since 2003. (Post)
  • Seniors who graduate from summer school will count towards on-time graduation rates this year. (NY Times)
  • The DOE is hiring George Raab, former managing director at Bear Stearns, as a new CFO. (Sun)
  • St. Ann’s parents are concerned that a federal probation office is now sharing a building where the private school has classrooms. (NY Times)
  • Teachers’ Choice funds have been cut from $260 per teacher to $150. (Daily News)
  • New York paid $47 million to settle lawsuits against the DOE this year, up 29% from last year. (Post)
  • Andrew Wolf outlines possible reform proposals that we can expect to hear about during this year’s review of mayoral control of the schools. (Sun)
  • The mayor’s daughter, Emma Bloomberg, who works at the Robin Hood Foundation, may be working on behalf of mayoral control. (Daily News)
  • The Post editorializes about how safe New York schools are, and ought to be. (Post)
  • Career Technical Education should be part of the solution to low graduation rates, a California superintendent argues. (San Jose Mercury News)
  • Bill Gates and Microsoft executives met with Chinese officials to discuss collaboration in science and education. (China View)
  • Australia debates school reforms, including publishing school demographics and performance data. (The Australian)