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Rise & Shine: Tuesday, 7/29

  • Steven Farber uses zebra fish to teach inner-city students about genetics. (NY Times)
  • Some school districts are cutting athletics programs to save money. (NY Times)
  • A new study finds that overweight children may do worse on standardized tests and other measures of academics. (LA Times)
  • More California school districts are cutting bus services. (LA Times)
  • Some schools, including New York’s James Baldwin School, are taking a new approach to retaining African-American students who might otherwise drop-out. (CNN)
  • A pilot program in Fairfax County, Virginia extends contracts into the summer, paying teachers for additional responsibilities such as data analysis and curriculum development. (Washington Post)
  • Stacy Gauthier, principal of Renaissance Charter School, argues that it’s time to acknowledge the success of charter schools. (Daily News)

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