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Rise & Shine: Monday, 7/28

  • Double Dutch by PhotoMojoLess than a third of the city’s black male students graduated on time from high school in 2006. (Post)
  • An independent institution whose goal is to analyze the city’s education statistics is one step closer to reality. (Sun)
  • A new charter school that had been promised the old Bronx Borough Courthouse will have a less impressive home this fall. (Times)
  • Double Dutch is now an official Public School Athletic League sport; 15 schools could field teams this year. (AP)
  • A bill pending in the Massachusetts state senate will give parents the final say on separating twins in school. (Boston Globe)
  • Kids whose GPA drops below 3.0 are asked to leave the nation’s most selective public high school, in Virginia. (Washington Post)
  • A charter school in New Haven, Conn., has a green focus. (Times)
  • The Wall Street Journal comes out in favor of John McCain’s education plan. (WSJ)

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