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Rise & Shine: Tuesday, 7/15

  • A teacher at Frederick Douglass Academy IV in the Bronx filed a lawsuit claiming that his principal sent him to the “rubber room” in retaliation for filing a complaint that the school failed to provide special education services mandated for students. (NY Daily News, Post)
  • Maryland schools show increases in math and reading scores in grades 3-8. (Washington Post)
  • More than a year after graduation, New York State still cannot provide graduation rates for the class of 2007. Delays are attributed to problems with the state’s new $39 million data collection system. (NY Times)
  • Chancellor Klein was in Chicago yesterday, promoting his Education Equality Plan with members of Obama’s staff. He’s also met with McCain staffers. (NY Sun)
  • Our troubled economy is causing cuts in both enrichment and remedial summer programs. (AP/EdWeek)
  • The high price of gas is forcing school districts to take a close look at school transportation. Solutions range from increasing funding for busing and consolidating routes, to moving to a four-day school week. (EdWeek)

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