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What are city teachers doing with their summers?

School’s been out for about two weeks in New York City, and now that teachers have had a chance to catch up on sleep and switch into summer mode, I thought I’d take a look around and see how they’re spending their days off.

Summer can be a time for taking hobbies to the next level or just immersing yourself in a passion: MildlyMelancholy will be interning as a photographer for a non-profit organization.

There are projects to be undertaken: 17(really15)more years is buying her apartment and looking into renovating her kitchen, and Mimi is making to-do lists.

For most teachers, it is also a time for reflection about the year that’s gone and planning for the year to come: Miss Brave is rightfully proud of completing her first year of teaching (she also made a fun “school’s out!” playlist), and Miss G. visited the school where she will be working next year and met some of her future students.

Meanwhile, JD2718, who has spent a lot of his summer so far working on school tasks, posts a list of options for how to fill his free time when he’s not scheduling his school or talking to incoming Teaching Fellows about how to survive their first year. I say, Alaska or bust!

If I missed you, please leave a comment and let us know what you’re up to…. (we can also blogroll you if you’re not already listed).

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